Our Technology

From early research to realizing the promise of stem cell breakthroughs, Animal Cell Therapies, Inc. has the tools – equipment, instruments, laboratory, intellectual property, and personnel – to develop proven regenerative medicine services and products for the veterinary industry.

Stem Cell Laboratory
Our dedicated, state-of-the-art laboratory and cell manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA, is managed and operated by experience personnel conducting cell – lot to lot – batch cell characterization and cell processing activities. Click here to learn more.

Stem Cell Bank
Located at the laboratory is a master bank of stem cell lines geared for pre-clinical and clinical studies. Currently, Animal Cell Therapies, Inc. has nearly six billion canine stem cells in their master bank. Click here to learn more.

Building Intellectual Property
One primary function of Animal Cell Therapies, Inc. is to develop a rich portfolio of intellectual property. The company has already filled three patents with others to follow. Click here to learn more.

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