Market Focus

Umbilical Cord Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Product

The pet population consists of over 80 million dogs in the US alone with an estimated annual revenue of $14 billion.

With arthritis plaguing over 16 million dogs annually, ACT is initially focused on the canine orthopedic market. The average cost for a dog with osteoarthritis can be upwards of $3000 per year.

Success rates of current therapies can vary and some are not well tolerated and in older dogs certain treatments cannot be used for dogs with liver/kidney dysfunction.

Animal Cell Therapies has developed a minimally invasive stem cell product delivered through syringe in an outpatient setting. Our product is a natural, biologic material (umbilical cord derived stem cells) and offers a potentially lower annual cost for pet-owners and better margins for veterinarians. All of our products are backed by rigorous clinical safety and efficacy data.

Doses shipped are ready to inject

Doses are thawed and tested in ACT’s lab and shipped FEDEX priority overnight to the clinic ready for use the following day. There is no additional equipment or preparation is needed by the injecting veterinarian.

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