Our Technology

Animal Cell Therapies has developed a standardized Umbilical Cord Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell product which can be administered in an outpatient setting. Umbilical cord derived stem cells are highly prolific in culture and are considered the most potent of all adult stem cell sources.

We have spent ten years developing a consistent, pure, and potent product using highly controlled processes and rigorous testing.

ACT has developed a highly efficient process for maximizing cell yields and number of doses per cord, leading to dramatically reduced costs per dose. ACT is leading the competition with respect to scientific method, cell purification and scale-ability and clinical trial safety and efficacy results.

Our product is backed by rigorous safety and efficacy data under oversight of the FDA center for veterinary medicine.

Advantages of Umbilical Cord Tissue Derived Stem Cells

Easy to collect – no additional costly surgical procedures on older pets required as with autologous bone marrow or fat cells.

No need for research animals as a source.

Rich source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which can become a variety of cell types.

Manufacturing Advantages

  • More rapid proliferation rate compared with other cell sources.
  • Ability to grow more, and faster, producing a product with a much higher concentration of pure stem cells.
  • Greater potency and differentiation potential due to harvesting cells from newborn puppies’ umbilical cords.
  • More consistency in product/drug development – all tissue is young tissue and the same “age.”
  • No ethical considerations – Client-owned dogs provide cords that would otherwise be thrown away.  No research animal tissue. Doses are shipped ready to inject.

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